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Life analogy....

There's an analogy about life I've been using for about ten years or so, and it's worked great for me. There's a couple different methods key jangling, tool owning men have to apply force (for this analogy). One is pliers, another, a vice. With pliers, you attempt to use all your current strength, in the moment to accomplish the goal. You only have the power of your body, in one shot. With a vice, you compile many turns into one powerful press. As far as power pressure goes the vice wins every time. In their lives, everybody is born with the power of pliers.

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Life itself has inherent repeating patterns. This tells me certainty is available for those who seek it.

That's our equity....

Look, as private industries automate and liquidate jobs, whatever equity they create should somehow be split with the people. As time goes on, more and more jobs will be automated. There will be less opportunities for employment, but the systems themselves will be producing more widgets than ever. Who's going to buy them? If there's no wage, there's no demand. So what? Are we going to push automation off, to preserve labor to preserve the system? But if automation moves forward, and wage disappears, are we going to let all the wealth generated transfer to a few?


Let's call this process "Lensing":

Myself for myself,
Myself for the other,
The other for myself,
The other for the other

System for the system,
System for the people,
People for the system,
People for the people

I kill myself,
I kill the other,
The other kills me,
The other kills the other.

See that? Synchronicity. Reverberation. I'm not creating it, it's out there itself. Not quite objective, but not relative either.


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