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Conscious, Unconscious, Panic Attacks, and God

People can argue with me until they are blue in the face, stomp their feet and shout all they want, but I know, and they know, that they cannot KNOW God. They cannot test GOD, prove GOD, and show GOD in the essences form. It is as if a thick curtain has been dropped blocking our view of the kernel of truth. It is still there, behind the curtain causing us, and we bend from its effect, but we are alienated by it because of this predetermined curtain. It is as if we are all in a movie theater, waiting for the show to start. We know the movie will play, and we are sitting in the theater, but that time never comes. What I would like to discuss is why this curtain is necessary, and briefly, even casually talk about mind, body and existence. I'll talk about a different way to picture the God essence, the fight in the body for conscious control of the unconscious, and why man is just not physically ready in an evolutionary sense for the truth that awaits him behind the curtain.

I have taken some time to study different religions around the world, though I am certainly not an expert. My non-expert observation is that people view God as something outside themselves. Regardless of the fact they might describe it to you differently, the fact is, they use objects to represent God. In some religions, they forbid image idolatry, but God is still something to move toward, not what you are. Of course you could argue against me forever, but I feel safe in saying most people see God as larger than themselves (therefore, outside), and something to work to be. What I want to convince you is that God is simply your unconscious mind. Evolution has dropped a subconscious curtain between your conscious, and your unconscious in order to protect all the subsystems that drive your body every day. These are the literal causes of your humanity, and the very existence that perpetuates you. All the people that have lead up to you are coexisting in that space, and all of the universes grand design secrets are there. This alienation, this kernel of truth is not outside of you. This God is the systems of your body that are working everyday in the background, carrying out their predetermined duties, a priori, to make sure that while you are out loading that massive brain of yours with information from the world, the engine that is your body goes on ticking.

Actually, I have suspected this for a long time now. The Buddhists are really the pioneers of this. They really have it right, in my eyes in their most basic structures. Recently in my life, I have been suffering from panic attacks due to a stomach condition that I have. What happens is the stomach condition puts my breathing functions on high alert because some stomach acid, or bile sends fumes up my esophagus, and my body just freaks out, and you basically start breathing really hard trying to convince yourself that nothing is wrong. There are really two schools of thought on the Internet about this:

1. It's all in your mind. Just stop thinking about it and it goes away. (stupid)

2. There's a physical condition that triggers the problem, then through a domino effect, the mind start obsessing about calming the body, which causes it to panic even more.
Even if you can convince yourself most of it is psychological, the trigger is still there. Anyway, when I was having a panic attack, I noticed that the problem was my conscious mind was taking over what is normally an unconscious task, the task of breathing. Then, the body panics, because the body knows that the impotent conscious cannot possibly handle the heavy workload of the unconscious evolutionarily determined vehicle processes. The body itself is trying to purge your conscious intrusion into the unconscious cogs, and it could kill you if do not straighten up. It could literally kill you.

So, I have come to a preliminary conclusion that God is your unconscious. God is the physical manifestation of life itself, most notably exhibited in the necessary functions of the body, in history, your evolutionary development, and the unconscious of your mind driving it all. That forbidden unknowable space we see in our minds is that causing kernel driving everything you are physically. Think of it as the very essence of what you are beyond the choices of what you do in your life. Is this not how people view God anyway? Think of it as changing, but changing in a way that we cannot understand since it is a gradual change compared to our shorter perceptual spans.

The truth of your insignificance is devastating. You are miniscule. The only way to escape the truth of that reality is to hide from it, and continually work to maintain the idea that you are special in the face of overwhelming proof that you are not. Enter religion. But when are we going to start to face the truth? Religion is the crutch we need to deal with the truth and actuality of our own insignificance, in a vehicle, the body, which cannot physically handle that truth yet. But eventually we will know, and it will become our strength, instead of our fear


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