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On the Construction of Superior Minds

I felt it necessary to write this essay, because as I read the giant minds of the past, I realize that they do not say things simply enough sometimes. At the rate, which we are growing intellectually today, they certainly do not necessarily say things with the right kind of punch, and brevity that we are accustomed to.Here are some ideas about how I constructed the system I use now to understand the world and to talk about why these steps were necessary to understanding that which is most important, the future synthesis of humanity.

I remember when I first started reading heavily, sometime around the millennium 2000. I started with science books, like Darwin, and Hawking. I basically started reading because I had hurt my arm, and I could not play guitar, or draw, or anything really. So I just started reading. I had the goal to clear my mind. I wanted to be free from prejudice, so I could be sure that whatever choices I made going from that point forward, they would be my own. I spent about two years being a pure nihilist. I constantly asked myself the questions: "Why do I think that?", "Is that really necessary?", "Is this particular to me?". While I was going through this nihilism phase, I started reading philosophy. The first philosophy book I read was Ayn Rand's, For The New Intellectual. I remember reading that book, and being traumatized by it. Not because Ayn Rand is a whacko (she is), because at that time I had nothing to compare it to, but because I discovered that there was these books, "out there", that stored people's ideas in such a way as to talk about things that I was thinking all the time. I immediately began to read philosophy intensely. I think from there I went to Nietzsche, then Plato, which is also crazy in its way. Anybody that understands philosophy understands this significance of the chronological order of these philosophers to a "New Intellectual". What is crazy, is that the reason I chose Ayn Rand, is because the book was titled, "For the New Intellectual". Realistically, it is the worst book a new intellectual can read! Really! It is a terribly selfish philosophy!

Anyway, what started happening, is I started acting out the different books I was reading. When you first start into it, the book that you are reading always becomes your life. It lends truth to the religious people's anti-intellectual fear that if you read something else it will draw you away from what it is you currently are, but that is only the first part, and no one understands this! What happens is you read something, become it, read something else, and become that, read something else, and become that, but then, consciousness happens! At some point you say, well, I cannot be this and this and this, because by common sense contradiction, these two ideas cannot coexist in a principled person. There it is! Now you start the process of decision making, and finding the most important necessary principles from all the ideas you are studying and you start building your house. Incidentally, these realizations make you hunger for new philosophical ideas because each new discovery is a potential epiphany. So then you start building this substantive structure, and you take pain and gouges, and injuries because you build on pseudo ground from time to time. I tore down my foundation multiple times, and built it back up again, because I wanted to see what parts of my foundation would come up again and again and again! What I found was what I call The Fundamental Doctrine of Universal Humanism. I found that time and time again I came back to the same values, and discarded other people's ideas that conflicted with those values.

So, in the end, I want to get this point across. If you want to understand what is going on around you, and what this life all means, study yourself! You are the best research subject you could ever want. While you are studying yourself, you are indirectly studying everyone around you! It's gotten to the point where I feel guilty because I have such a psychological and political edge on people in common everyday situations. If you climb up the ladder in your mind, you can see all the mistakes you made in the past to get you to that point, and then you can see exactly where all the others around you are on that path! They are making the mistakes you used to make! They also have no idea that you can know such things, because they simply do not know what they do not know! It is crazy, I am not kidding! So, just let me say, study history at least. Be responsible for potential damage you may cause others, directly, and more importantly indirectly. Understand, that in every way that matters, you are no different than every other person on this planet, and in every way that matters every other person on this planet is more like your family than you may realize.


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