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Yes, the Tree Still Fell in the Forest

It never ceases to amaze me how solipsistic the common person is. It is a sickness of the mind that believes that if a tree falls in the forest, but no person is there to perceive it, then it did not really happen. It is a sickness of the mind that believes the only position available in the end is subjectivity. No more of this nonsense! Where is your courage?! Where is your admittance of your own insignificance?! If I make the statement, " All men need water to survive." do not say to me, "That is just your point of view." The majority of what exist, exists outside of you(!), and I will laugh aloud right now to tell you that even what exists inside of you is not yours either! When I present an inarguable fact to you, do not say back to me, "That is your opinion." Ideas can be known beyond question. Not all viewpoints are subjective. Some things just are, whether you believe they are or not. So, let us ask the questions: If a person can only perceive something subjectively, how can something objective exist? What are some of the negative side affects of refusing to affirm concepts and ideas of an objective nature? I would like to close the essay on the subject of weakness of mind, and how lack of education, and a will to try, leads people to the nebulousness of "unquestionable" subjectivity, and how they sanction madness to perpetuate their masturbatory delusions, all in the hope to hide from the real truth, the specter of their insignificance.

Subjectivity- Proceeding from or taking place within an individual's mind such as to be unaffected by the external world.

Objectivity- Having to do with a material object, as distinguished from a mental concept.

Material- Of or concerned with the physical, as distinct from the intellectual or the spiritual.

Mental- Of or pertaining to the mind; Existing in the mind.

Universal- Of, pertaining to, extending to, or affecting the entire world or all within the world.

Particular- Of, belonging to, or associated with, a single person, group, thing or category; not general or universal.

*The American Heritage Dictionary

When I make the statement, " Any single person on this planet who is deprived of water will die." that is a universally objective statement. You may not have the luxury of arguing against it without rightfully being labeled as a madman, or madwoman. This is not debatable, either you agree to this, or you are crazy. Send me an email; I'll try to get some phone numbers for you.

All men need water to survive, whether your god thinks so, whether you are an Indian Yogi, or maybe you think we only need water because we believe we do. Wrong. As a biological mechanism, men emerged in certain ways, which are universal and beyond their choice. Face it, there is knowledge to be known universally, with an objective basis.

If I take a man, and cleanse him off all his perception, but keep his body alive, this man has no idea what men are, what water is, what objects are or what he himself is, nevertheless, he is surrounded by billions of creatures that need water to survive. In his mind he does not perceive that men drink water, but the world he exists in, exists in itself in the way that it is whether he perceives it or not. You may ask, "Does it exist for him?". The system cares not whether it is perceived or not perceived. Your perception of it is your perception, but what it is in itself is not contingent upon your perception or your belief. You may become mad, and perceive that men actually thirst for blood, not water, and you would be labeled a madman rightfully.

The major problem with people believing everything is contingent upon what they believe they perceive, as opposed to what is, and what is believed is they gradually become mad, and they have no idea. If life becomes whatever you believe it is, then you have no ground to stand and will tend opportunistically to a self reifying masturbation. When someone presents the person with objective facts one will be inclined to think, making no distinction, that the facts are perceived by the person presenting them in subjectivity, therefore automatically giving the other subjective viewer the right to discount them on the same standards. This means no attempt is ever made by the second party at an objective evaluation, because the "belief" in objectivity is never on the table. This is madness at its most rampant.

I will say this: it is only the most basic concepts that are completely objective. As viewpoints move to more complicated ideas such as politics, philosophy or religion, certainly agenda and subjectivity do get mixed in the formula, but if one has no criteria for siphoning out the objective, one is relegated to a certain portion of madness outright.

It is my subjective particular belief that this delusional madness of " If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything." mentality is a symptom of a larger problem, not the problem itself. The problem is the fundamental clash if interests where the human being desperately desires recognition in a cold world of anonymity where one is surrounded by thousands of people, but each one might as well be a cold stone wall. A clash of interest where the human being hides from objectivity, because the human being knows instinctively that to understand the truth of ones insignificance in reality is too painful to endure physically(!), so one just "forgets" conveniently about objective truth, or they just make more convenient constructs to explain it away. They do it for their survival, and the survival of others, and this mentality worked for thousands of years, but now, when the global community is dependent on rational people to be diplomatic as they drum their fingers around a key, and button which decide the fate of the entire world, it is time we took a step forward out of the realm of the animals, and into the realm of the Gods.


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