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The Final Synthesis of Humanity and Time

The worldwide occupy protests are exhibiting a fundamental move from a linear perception of time, to a ubiquitous simultaneous model. What are steps that need to be taken? Representative democracy needs to be thrown out, and built up from the ground up again. People need to formulate their vision of the world at the level of the entire planet, and finally when doing this fundamental rebuild from the standpoint of conscious understanding, the people need to understand the fundamental universal human necessity and push it forward beyond our individual desires. Those of you who already understand that which is most important is to be part of a purpose larger than yourself, can finally understand that what is larger than yourself, is yourself, and in supporting that universal self first, you support your friends, and family, and all the people of the world in their necessity simply by putting yourself that is yourself in everyone first. The true measure of a human, can be found in, and only in the dynamic in which he interacts with other humans on a daily level, and the goals he sets to work toward a better life for all.

We are seeing the final clash between modernity, and post modernity manifesting itself in its final physical form. The Internet has provided an intellectual mobilization that at this moment has begun to exhibit the underlying structures of reality, most notably perceptions of time. Modernity seeks the authoritative traditional model of the past, and post modernity seeks a transparent model that changes right now in real time. History tells us that the outcome is determined. It is a given dialectical movement finally making itself visible in physical reality. The thesis began as modernity, monotheism, fragmented into post modernism and multiculturalism, which is finally coming to its end, and those of you who understand dialectic know it is time for the final synthesis. Moving forward we will build a new tradition, based on the truth of a world human necessity in which nobody has to agree upon, they simply become it when they are born, and have been it through all time, but it is only now that the final synthesis is coming to realization. We are finally becoming what we have been, but don't understand right now!

I find it crazy that at a time when it seems like the middle eastern countries may finally take a step out of the middle ages, to free and democratic countries, that our ideas of democracy are also dated. You can't have a single party government, because that looks too much like a monarchy, or an autocracy. You can't have a two party government, because it will slowly evolve into a venomous civil battle that paralyzes the government and creates anxiety in the people. You can't have more than two parties, because then it seems people are randomly swept into office based on the most successful radical propaganda, which is easily inflated with money. We need a new system, based on the Internet, where the people can vote on every law that they have to abide by. Those who put tremendous amounts of study, will have the most influence, and those who don't really care, will at least know that they have the option to participate, thereby, naturally dissipating any revolutionary sentiment that may evolve. Then we could have an accurate picture of the world's desire as a whole, then, you build a limited democracy atop of that system.

Universal Humanism is the final understanding to move forward for the world. I am not talking about my (Particular Universal) Universal Humanism, but the (Universal Universal) Universal Humanism. The (Particular Universal) Universal Humanism is the view of Humanism that is only seen through subjective perception, but the (Universal Universal) Universal Humansim is the humanism that is, beyond choice. That is what humanity is, and is determined to be in the future, regardless of how awesome and wonderful you are as an individual. The other categories are Universal Particular, is what you become when you find your individual status, but within the larger goal of the Universal Universal, and the Particular Particular which is absolutely selfish and individual, which seeks also only the absolutely selfish and particular to its own detriment and reward, and the contingent and coincidental detriment and reward of all it comes in contact with. Remember! A true measure of a humans worth is measured by the interactions one has with the people around them, not what they own in a material sense.

In the end I would just like to say, whether you get up and fight for the ubiquitously, simultaneously timed, determined Universal Universal of the necessary world humanism, it will happen because it is determined by the very structure of the nexus point between quality and quantity. Look for all the paradoxes of the past to disappear in a fundamental, natural restructuring of the very way we perceive time. The evidence is staring us in the face, but so many people are only looking at a small part of the whole picture, but they know in their unconscious essence what they are being called to do without direct understanding. What they are beyond their personal choice makes them members of the club of all humanity. This is what the monotheism of the past failed to connect with, the physical reality of the ordering essence that underlies all reality. We are now becoming the narrative, and living the story. There is no need for tribal story telling from the past. The time is now.


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