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How should drugs be regulated, globally and locally?

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How should drugs be regulated, globally and locally?

Historically speaking, lifting of drug restrictions brings about abuse and violence, yet jailing casual users is a ridiculous over compensation.

Local and global drug

Local and global drug regulation
To regulate drugs globally it would require an interesting process of checks and balances. Currently small poor or poorer countries are the ones that make the drugs(Mexican drug cartel as an example) or ship them. Globally it would take some serious restraint because as we've seen in history, countries will send drugs anywhere to profit. I know that no matter what people find ways to get drugs, but the issue has more to do with the silliness of how for someone doing the select illegal substances, they can have their life and record ruined for them. I feel like a better strategy would be to have these people do something less harmful, like rehab sentences. It's strange that people that are doing the substance are getting arrested but the people putting this stuff on the street don't get any kind of punishment. Globally again I have to say is difficult, we've seen in the past where the USA themselves sent heroine, a deadly drug at that, to Vietnam(I believe it was Vietnam).

Global regulation is a

Global regulation is a challenge because of differing national law. One nation may not have the power to fight the traffickers, while another suffers from the smuggling of drugs from a country that has no power to prevent production. So, the country who suffers the smuggling problem must pay the bill to fight drug production for the country with no power to enforce their own law. Often the powerless country blames the powerful country for having a demand.

Perhaps this is why they attempt to attack the users, rather than the supplier, to kill the demand. But is that fair? Failed governments blaming the demand?

Drug Decriminalization

It isn't fair. At the very least I strongly believe all drugs should be decriminalized but not legalized. When looking at the effects of marijuana, I think we can collectively say that it is a drug that can or should be legal seeing as it is less dangerous than legal drugs such as alcohol and other synthetic nonsense that you can buy even at younger ages. Decriminalization will keep us honest if we truly want to help people with drug problems since throwing them in prison is proof of our country's(United States) lack of understanding of how to help drug addicts or show how far private prisons will go to make money from victim-less crimes. Portugal is a great example of how decriminalization can lower the amount of people taking drugs and that coupled with rehabilitation centers would help people more so than imprisoning them which only helps the prison industry.

I was just going to talk

I was just going to talk about Chinese opium use in China town around 1890,but it turns out many people thought they were smoking opium when it was really tobacco. Mexican drug wars are really the best example of drug trafficking problems I know of. That's next level stuff. Or Afghanistanian heroine. Those big problems is what we should work on. Dry up the supplies.

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