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No more relativity....

Life has relativity in it, but it is not relative. Everyday, you wake up, you are you. You don't wake up an elephant, or in a strange house, or a lottery winner. Given past repetition, and projected probability, you can make judgments about your future. Yes, it's not a guarantee things will, or wont happen, but this mistake of relativism, "Oh, we don't know what will happen, so lets just not pay attention to any of the obvious probabilistic indicators. We don't KNOW, right, so let's definitely not look at the clues either. Let's just live in the moment." Hedonism.

Government types...

Totalitarian-Under this type of government the state has complete control over all aspects of public and private life.

Authoritarian-This type of government is similar to totalitarianism except there is an illusion of some power in the hands of the people.

Dictatorship-Rule by one. In this form of government one person creates all the rules and decides how, when and if they are enforced.


Don't read this, I'm just pissed: Humanist ethics today, is based on human need. People need food, water, air, shelter and healthcare. All these necessities take money to buy, but we acquire money by providing services to a larger system that dictates demands. Basically, what we say today, is if you can't find a way to serve the system, then go and die. Then, we fight for a bunch of minority protections, and we make the less fortunate beg, and we treat them like lower life forms. I was just talking about a guy the other day, who is out there teaching Buddhists to "do for themselves".

Existentialism solved.....

I really think the problem of being, in existentialism, stems from the unintentional, and unarticulated expectation that ideas can be objects. The focus on the “ being “ of ideas. What is YOU is basically the particular image you have of yourself, generated by the perceptions of the body and held in the mind to reflect back upon itself. The problem is, the “ being" in that equation is the body, a priori, before experience. The body is the vehicle to act, and be acted upon by ideas.


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