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The Universal Universal is Beckoning

It starts with the fundamental universals, and can be understood in my Fundamental Doctrine of Universal Humanism, and it trickles down as if constructed like a pyramid. The tip of the pyramid is the most simplistic law that is understood clearly and easily, and can be acted on by feeling. To be clear, when called on to answer for yourself, you should know this simple guiding principle. There is no such belief, based on the belief of knowing. In other words you can believe in what you know, but it is ridiculous to believe you know something you do not know, just because you believe you know it. I will not let you get away with using nebulousness to forward an opportunistic agenda that changes because you cannot answer for your core values. You must be able to answer clearly and easily, and on top of that you must be right! Do not kid yourself, universality is not dependent on paradigm shifts and subjective perception. You know that too, you cannot escape it. After you understand your core, it is easiest to explain the base of the pyramid, now you know the crown. At the base of the pyramid you have an infinite amount of particulars possible, but a finite amount of particulars existent. Now, each one of those autonomous particulars tends through choice, or just slow change to understand the pyramid. No matter what you do, you are always in the structure, but in arrogance you can try to make it your own, or, you can do something which seems similar, but is not, and that is move toward the crown as an exhibition of universals. The division comes when you believe you know what the crown is, or you believe you can only move toward it without fully knowing. Everyone always believes that they are on the right side of this, but it is not your carefully polished words that show where you stand, but how you act in every situation from the dramatic to the mundane. So, at the crown we have universal humanism, at the bottom we have infinite particular possibility. So, if it is given in the right and true way that no one can know their particular universality, only the universal universality can be known, then, when people try to force their particular universality, which they can never know, no matter what they say or believe, as the universal universality, then we have war, and killing, subordination, authoritarianism for particular ends and the like. This is why Judaism, Christianity, and Islam will fail. They speak for their particular universality only, and they use your ignorance against you. They do not speak for all men, and the essence that they call God is one and part of all of us, no matter what claims they make to ownership. So, at the bottom of the pyramid lays the particular particulars, with no real universal particulars possible. The universal particulars that the people think they are finding, are nothing but the light breeze of the universal universals, which can never be known directly, but only through analogy. Let me just say, that my Fundamental Doctrine of Universal Humanism is the closest you will get to knowing the universal universals. And, you might say, "Well you just said we cannot know it." This doctrine contains the absolute necessary amount of vagueness to accommodate the limits of human understanding. This is the crown of the pyramid, as best as we can know it, and you know what? It is sufficient and clear, and presents the best values of the universal universality. It literally cannot be argued against without resorting to desperate absurdity. So, what I want talk about is what lies between the base, and the crown.

We know from the crown, that we should call upon our fundamental human empathy, because to negate other humans, is to negate ourselves in universality, and to empathize and give, with no thought of receiving something in return is the highest value on can exhibit. I would like to say, that forgiveness subverts justice, and is nothing but a release from the responsibility to carry out the realism of symmetrical justice. It is a failure to be accountable to justice. The value that should be exhibited is giving with no thought of return. On this side, benevolence is known. Forgiveness is a copout of duty.

So how can we know how to guide ourselves between the crown and the base? Utilitarian Consequencialism, Natural Law arguments, and reasonable rationality. When learning about Natural Law arguments, I was astonished how they iron out many of the unending arguments we have to day about sexuality, and other natural issues. If you look at sex as an end, in that it is a process to make new life, then all of a sudden many implications are highlighted. Sex with a condom is prohibited because you subvert the end. Gay love is okay, but gay sex is prohibited because it cannot end in life. Though very old fashion, one cannot deny, they fall very easily in place, and endless arguments seem to dissolve. The problem is many of the arguments are completely unrealistic. We cannot be going to Africa, and condemning the use of condoms when AIDS is a huge epidemic. It is unrealistic. People are biologically driven to have sex, regardless of what they "ought" to do. So, I propose, we head the pyramid with universal humanism, we use a system like to democratically derive a picture of majority idealism at the base. The crown is fixed, so the base must be flexible for change, and on the everyday scenarios which philosophers can tend to neglect talking about. We should keep it open to change and freedom also, with Natural Law as a base, which can be moderated for practicality by reasonable rationality, and in nebulous questions if intent, Utilitarian Consequencialism, the greatest amount of good for the greatest number of people should be in our thoughts always. Ultimately our goal should be to move all particular particulars, to the universal universals. Remember, there is no such thing as a particular universal!

Let me just say, this essay is nebulous yet clear. You have to love that! Ask yourself a question, where did I come up with this? I have read a great many books, but I assure you none of this was in them like this. Each of them describes their own piece of it, and I was able to get this picture after a bit of studying. So where did it come from? There is an ordering imposition out there. It is not your God! Do not get too excited. It is beyond what you think you know. I admit only to be able to describe it with a necessary vagueness, which matches the given human deficiency of mind. Do not think you can know the particular universal, we are way off from that, but you can see the universal universal, and we still have not accepted it as a species. It is inevitable. It will happen where we will know eventually. The universal universal is beckoning with peace in its hand. Do not be the one who is only looking for a particular universal peace that can never happen. Understand your fundamental empathy and free yourself, and all of humanity in the process. I have faith in you, mankind.


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