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Cram Your Ridiculous Fallabilism

Fallibalism- A philosophical doctrine regarding natural science, most closely related with C.S. Peirce which maintains that our scientific knowledge claims are invariably vulnerable and may turn out to be false.

It is very contradictory that people stand around heaping scorn on science for not giving them the answers to the knowledge and truth of everything that ever was, then demand its subordination to narrative fiction, and coincidental truth and fact as if getting lucky at discovering gold in a mine is somehow clearly more reasonable than learning how to manufacture it and create as much as you want. So what is the argument fallacious Fallibilist? Is it that if you manufacture the gold, it loses its value so we have to preserve our stupidity in order to preserve value? So value is determined by deprivation? If that is what you think, then definitely when you help someone who is deprived, say of food, then you do it out of selfishness. You reify indirectly your system of value, which would disappear if human suffering were to end, therefore your gesture of giving is polluted by your own desire that it continue for your "value" benefit. Your "Fallibilism" is nothing but a weak attempt to affirm an agenda ridden end. Those who would manufacture the gold would provide that which the people want to them, until they do not want it anymore. Essentially manufacturing the annihilation of the desire in some kind of pragmatic Buddhist gesture. The Fallibilist is doing their best to preserve the belief first paradigm at any cost. Fallibilism ends in infinite regress, so seeds its own failure. If you say, "There is no absolute truth.", you must concede that at least this statement is true, therefore starting your concepts on contradiction. If you say, "There is an absolute truth." and that statement is true, then there is no contradiction. The same is true with Fallibalism. If you say, "There is not certainty. All things are Fallibilistic.", then you must concede that even Fallibilism itself is fallible, therefore negating your own stand with your own concept. Let me discuss how I see this failure:

There is no denying that science presents knowledge. The problem lies with people, who use fictional narratives to feign a "perfection", and then they take this fictional singularity out into the world and they use it to subvert common sense. These same people benefit from the inventions of science everyday. That is one of the major inherent contradictions. The very same people who hold the objective successes in their hands of science in the form of medications, communication devices, books, etc. do not see that practicality does trump feel good faith and belief. I am an anti-capitalist, so I understand just like the next guy how one can get wrapped up in frivolous material excesses, but these subversions cannot and should not subvert that which is necessary. At some point I have to understand that trade is necessary for my survival now, and that to subvert it while using it to my advantage is opportunistically repugnant and to put it in hackneyed overused two-dimensional terms, "hypocritical".

This sickness of Fallibilism is perpetuated by a fundamental misunderstanding of what truth is. If what the world is in its very existence were not true and factual, then nothing at all, much less Fallibilism would be possible. The problem is the masturbatory seed of perfection when there is an attempt to apply it objectively and instrumentally, when it clearly is a subjectively personal madness. It is not even productive for the individual, as all this type of thinking does is perpetuate finger pointing, judgment, pretentiousness, obstinacy, war, and selfishness in the disguise of altruism, masturbatory nationalism and many other destructive norms. It all starts with fundamental failures like Fallibilism where common sense reality is subverted for what "feels good" for the individual. People have to deal with the fact whether they live or die, whether they believe or do not believe, this mechanism goes on without them. There is nothing wrong with believing there is something more than what we see, but it is indeed a terrible affliction that believes there is less than what we see.


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