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Being Mean to the Right People

For so long we have been taught that wise men exhibit kindness, temperance, and good nature. A good number of people have been taught that pride is bad, and to be humble is good. We have been made to think that a well adjusted person, is a happy person. Happiness is a state of pleasure, so one pursues happiness without question. I am not naive, I understand that in Islam, these kind of pleasure seeking principles are secondary. Law is what matters most in Islam. Allah cannot be governed by mere justice, Allah is the Law. Many people believe control is more important. Allow me to generalize in this case, that there is a large group of people who believe in the pursuit of happiness, and happiness comes from pleasure. I have heard people say, "It is your duty to love." which seems contradictory to me. Jesus teaches forgiveness, and to love your enemy. I think what people fail to grasp, is these ideals are purely selfish ones. To seek one's own happiness first, is not to let somebody else's disharmony disturb their own sacred jewel. Those who put the pleasure principle first, are very much like animals, unknowingly selfish, and also unchecked by the people around them because convention has lead us to believe these are correct ideals. What I want to focus on in this essay is the idea that happiness, or as I like to focus on, "satisfaction", should come as a bi-product of goals that one achieves. True happiness should be allowed to rise up, and dissipate according to the realistic situations around. Also, one should not enslave themselves to this idea of finding hedonism, as there is a call to duty also. There are situations where you are called upon to do things which do not feed your accumulation of satisfaction. One cannot be so blinded by seeking pleasure, or living a pleasure filled life that it is not recognized that an urgent difference must be made. I do not want to move completely to the diametrically opposed concept of pleasure, which in the essay manifests itself as pain, and duty. Of course the opposition of pleasure is pain, but it also has another opposition, absence of pleasure. Remember, presence and absence give us true and false. Now, I was leading to the idea that duty is absence of pleasure, but clearly one can delight in doing one's duty. Please, allow me the path to narrow this essay to the idea that duty is duty because it has to be done, and the type of pleasure gained from duty, is a different quality than the type of pleasure gained from living the type of life one could chose opportunistically. I realize this could be argued forever, but let your mind rest at simplicity. Why is the pursuit of happiness selfish? What is the difference between happiness and satisfaction? Is it okay to be prideful, rude and mean to people?

1. delighted, pleased, or glad, as over a particular thing: to be happy to see a person.
2. characterized by or indicative of pleasure, contentment, or joy: a happy mood; a happy frame of mind.

1. an act of satisfying; fulfillment; gratification.
2. the state of being satisfied; contentment.
3. confident acceptance of something as satisfactory, dependable, true, etc.


The difference between happiness and satisfaction is clear, yet one can gain one from the other. One can be satisfied, and in turn become happy, and another can be satisfied in their happiness. This possibility stems from the idea that one does not know what one does not know. One who gains happiness from pleasure does so by chemical determinism. Psychology plays a role in what releases pleasure creating chemicals in the brain, but so does universal evolutionary determinism. By contrast, satisfaction is attained by the achieving of goals. One sets out to accomplish something, and when one is successful, one is satisfied, and by extension happy. One can set out with the goal be a professional philosopher, a pursuit which takes a life time of study, not expecting to be great until the autumn years of his life, therefore fully expecting to not be satisfied for the majority of his life. It is believed that this kind of reward, when finally attained is the most qualitative contentment that can be attained, and goes far beyond happiness. Happiness is what happens when somebody tickles you. It is the pursuit of simple pleasure. In that sense it is masturbatory, since it can be attained quickly through delusion, or opportunism. Now, at this point, opportunistic people would take the opportunity to laugh at the stupidity of the philosopher who passes his life in duty when simple pleasure can be had right away. Again, one does not know what one does not know. While transitory happiness comes and goes, and has to be maintained by constant opportunistic exegesis from situation to situation, a duty driven satisfaction starts small, takes many many years to build, but is impenetrable by triviality or trauma. The one who seeks a quick "happiness" can be blasted out of it, beyond their control by a simple mathematical proportionally weighted situation, which is stronger, and more powerful than strength supporting that happiness. When one builds a satisfaction of time, one builds the substance which gives one a metric to stand when strong winds of change do blow, and when the other's happiness is blown away, and they are disillusioned, the one who chose the long road will be there as an island of substance.

It is true that wise men are magnanimous, and temperate. Wise men are quick to laugh, and are recognized by their ability to attain unpleasant ends, in pleasant ways. I have another way, and I fully recognize it could be my own adolescence and echo of vitality, which leads me to posit this idea. Do not be afraid to be mean, prideful and divisive in the right way. This idea does not sanction all people to be mean, prideful and divisive in any way they please. In fact, it would be better to be a clueless dullard making no difference in the world at all, than a driven person who damages the good of the majority. While I fully admire Marcus Aurelius and the Stoic mentality of magnanimity, and temperance, I also understand the value of Nietzschian power used for the right purposes. In other words, the view that great and good men are relaxed, diplomatic and temperate is golden goal, which all wise men should strive. In fact this is my dream. This ideal suffers from the same downfalls as simple happiness; it puts its own selfish goals and drives ahead of urgent causes, which need to be handled now. It can fail to recognize a call to duty, which may require one to be vicious, ill tempered and judgmental. There is two ways to escape this; relativity and delusion. If you want to be realistic, and you want to have values then you must answer the call to duty, which disturbs your masturbation. You must understand, this duty is not always going to fall on your head like a ton of bricks! In fact, even when it does fall on your head like a building coming down, if you have your head under ground you might not feel it! You must open your eyes and be curious about what is happening around you and why. And, when you are successful for the universal, that which is right for all men, do not feel bad about being prideful about your accomplishment. Pride, and humbleness are ideas that must be balanced. I am actually proud that I allow myself to be proud. Deal with that religious apologists! Allow yourself to be proud when you are right, and be able to explain clearly why that pride is generated.

I have seen terrible things done in the name of simple happiness, and obsessive masturbatory addiction. In the same way some Africans think that eating the body of their enemy gives them power, opportunistic control and even killing comes from the simple minded goal of quick gratification. Those who claim to be the ones perpetuating the status quo, stability and tradition are actually hysterical madmen seeking nothing but personal wealth, as quickly as possible at any expense. Nobody kid yourselves anymore, these positions are irresponsible, and I will insight the violence of my own people, as a forced duty contingent upon our enemy's disease of selfishness. This is violence as true duty to the majority. This is where I stand in anti-thesis to Mandela. We have moved from a division of appearance, to a division of psychology. Destructive prejudice against appearance is a ridiculously stupid stand for idiots, but destructive prejudice against the selfish, in a world of limited resources is a call to duty for the bold and intelligent.


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