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Attack Your Own Position

I will always promote peace, diplomacy, education and healthcare, as it has been known for thousands of years, this brings harmony to the soul. Walter Kaufmann quotes Nietzsche, "A very popular error: having the courage of one's convictions; rather it is a matter of having the courage for an attack on one's convictions!" I have already pointed out some less than palatable, logical conclusions of the implications of my Universal Humanism. The end goal should always be minimizing human suffering, and maximizing opportunity for the majority. To do this, one must be in touch with their innate human empathy. So, if we imagine that eventually, mankind will overcome the cultural divisions it has inadvertently developed over time, through the consequences of geological separation and development, then we can imagine a global peace. No matter what, we should keep this as an ideal. If we fall short, then at least we know we are trying to work toward something that truly is objectively just, and derived by the celebration of similarity, not the competition of difference. Necessity should always celebrate similarity. As men of reasonable natures, we should attack our own convictions. In a previous essay, I already pointed out that if the goal is the ending of human suffering, then we should also control the birthrate. I still think limiting human suffering should be the goal, even though the controlling of birthrates is a logical consequence. As I was watching Tiger Woods get ripped apart on TV for social mistakes that all of us commit, I put together this essay in my mind hitting on themes I have been thinking about for awhile:

If you give them peace, they will rebel.

There is a fundamental desire, seeded by evolution, for men to be subject to chaos. Clearly men do not want to die, but they do not want to feel completely ordered all the time. People on the news are always pouncing on any scandal they can find. If they cannot find one, then they use hyperbole, and they twist things to create scandal. The common people eat it up too! This is because the majority of workers out there lead mundane, repetitive lives. They are relatively safe, and live in peace so there is no anxious threat of danger, but they also do not have enough money to make anything exciting happen in their lives either. It comes to a point when you almost wish there would be a major earthquake in the area, so something different would happen. This is a major obstacle to a peaceful order as I see it. We have to address these issues realistically, and I have a couple suggestions.

When we gain control of the world, draw down national militaries, and strengthen the local police forces, life will be ordered more efficiently. It is only nationalism that requires national military. When this identity dissolves, then we will free up massive amounts of money to do other things. It is my idea that we should designate some land as a lawless area. We should regulate supplies that go in and out, but we should allow people who would like to live a less ordered life the option to do it. We clearly cannot allow them to gather armies and weapons and attack civilization, but we can allow them some wider sense of freedom that they can choose at their own peril. Another small option is programs like The Ultimate Fighting Championship. I really cannot stand this program, and at some surface level I despised it and also the people who would enjoy something like this, but after thinking about it philosophically for a while, I realized in fact that programs like this would be absolutely necessary in a peaceful society to engage the animalistic demons men are born with. What we need is some controlled recreation that is like skydiving. The rush from skydiving seems uncontrolled, but really it is not. The impact of the reality of what it takes for you to survive the jump (sitting in an aircraft, pulling a ripcord) is not overwhelming to the chaotic benefit achieved by the jump. You are falling all that time, and all you do to save yourself is pull a little cord. Now, if you are a kid who builds a little bike jump, and then your parents come out and make you wear a helmet, and elbow pads, and kneepads and they tell you to ride slow, the reward just goes away. What we have to do is weave chaotic excitement into our peaceful order.

I know there is some people who would love to think that this is some proof that men are innately "evil", and that war is necessary, and it will never go away, and in fact those people who are sure that it will never go away, are the very reason why it will never go away. They are resigned to a problem which they themselves create! Eventually, in the same way in which we allow controlled chaos to the ones we mean to live in peace, we must jail those who desire uncontrolled chaos for themselves. This is clear justice, and will be truly realized when empathetic objectivity makes itself known through network communication.

Remember, attack your own beliefs! Do not just read views that support your ideas, and grow up with some kind of lopsided wobble to your personality. Take the pain of defeat, blast out your pseudo knowledge, and build again on hard ground. Be grateful that your err has been lessened. Human suffering is something we can control to a certain extent. Now, I know about three different attacks on my ideals, and I know how to handle them appropriately. I did not get fed these oppositions from opponents, I discovered them as reasonable outcomes of what I am suggesting. Since I understand the reasonable grounds in which they are based, I can also suggest conclusions that do not sacrifice the paramount goals that we are setting out to achieve. That is what those without a firm underpinning do time and time again. They can never get firm ground to stand in the first place, because since they do not understand necessity, they are willing to throw out everything for anything.


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