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Life in the industrial age, in a country like America is sooooo mundane and repetitive. Monotony is insanity, I'm convinced of that. Humans are born absolutely unique, yet proportionately similar. We desire change, but, we want desirable change. Also, we want desirable change to happen to us, and for us, but we want change. In our mundane lives, we have to seek out the change, at much risk to our livelihoods. It gets to the point where, just to have some change, we actually find ourselves wishing for UNdesirable change, just to have SOME kind of change happen. We wish for a large earthquake, or asteroid. We don't necessarily want anybody hurt, but if society was somehow shaken up, and it generated SOME kind of adventure, at least it seems to us, we would gain our spirit of change back from the great industrial age cleansing of human spirit. Art, music, books, and movies keep us alive. Without entertainment, we would literally go crazy in our industrial age world. You know America, other countries have a social connection to their families, and their neighbors. Their rule of law, medical and schooling may not be up to our standards, but their human spirit, and their social connection is alive and well, while ours, if it comes back at all, will definitely have to be rebuilt in a new age, after our corporate culture is dissipated.

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