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God is the generalization of generalizations. God is everything, and in that everything, is actually nothing. Faith is necessary when attempting to particularize God, because particularizing God is actually a crime. Particularizing an absolute generalization is impossible, so, it must carry the caveat "Just trust me." Annihilate idiosyncratic faith based oppositions to necessity. Annihilate the impossible as possible, God the object. God, as object can only exist, in the way Universe as object exists. Pantheism. The generalization of generalizations shouldn't even have a name.


Posts about racism can easily turn into essays for me, so, shortly, let me say, racism is a lot like life, not entirely relative, not entirely known. If I say, "I like Mexican food.", that's a racist comment. Most people don't have a problem with that comment, so they don't consider it racism, because they don't understand exactly what racism is. Racism is basically making judgements good or bad about races of people. So, should we all not talk about different foods we like because it's racist? Saying "I like Mexican food." does promote division believe it or not.


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