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Global necessity..

In order for a state to be a state, it should provide for the necessities of its individuals. Individuals also have the responsibility to provide for themselves. If the state cannot provide opportunity when you are capable of working, that is the problem of the state. If you cannot work when the opportunity is available, that is the problem of the individual. But, since the state speaks for the many, it has to play the role of benevolent council. While the state may have provided many opportunities to you for work, you may have a disability particular to you.

It is, because you wont be.....

Do you lead your life with a dream, or are you focused on the seemingly practical? If I create a system, that is meant to sustain human kind, but that system falls short of sustaining humans, what do I do? Do I say, "Well, that's good enough.". "This is the way life is, deal with it." The very same people who say, "That's just the way it is.", are the very same people creating a situation of impossibility for change. The very same people who look around and point to that guy over there. I can't change him, so why should I try, when I know that. Well, the system falls short.


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