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About the System

A few words about a perfect merit based system....

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How the system functions.....

There are different forms of content to submit to the system. People can vote on the content of others, and submit their own content. As the submissions gain positive value, they move up in their lists. Each time a member submits content, they gain one point for that submission. They then climb up in the Current Leaders list. The site is under development, but, eventually members will earn badges according to points. This drives competition to refine virtues and idealism. Eventually users will gain points for forum participation, and other activity on the site.

Our mission is to bring together the global community in a calculated consensus
that each person can contribute to, and participate in, with the common goal
of bringing cooperation, and peaceful integration as the world moves toward
a merging of international ideologies and culture.

In a time where people around the globe are divided in ideological differences,
our company will build bridges between them, using information technology to
assess their desires, and organize them in a collective manner, so as to be
useful in understanding themselves as a whole. We will construct a database
of common beliefs submitted by the people that they will read, and vote to support
or undermine. Each person will have a voice, and will be counted in consensus
in real time.

What we intend to do as a company, is to present the participants with a democratic model
that changes in real time to reflect the desires of the people who participate in it. We will start
this database as a basic submission website, and we will work on adding the necessary
components to bring mathematical clarity to the democratic situation and to bring maximum
transparency, integrity, and confidence to the participants.

Building Bridges

Since the times of Athenian democracy, we have understood the importance of the common man
participating in the social momentum, and politics of the time in which he lives. We can mobilize
the people into the biggest entity of all, and global information connection is the way to do that.
If done correctly, the Internet can be a productive changing reflection of the articulated desires
of the people through their participation, and popular consensus.

Earth and the Internet

If we can start to compile all the greatest ideals, of the best thinkers, then we can gain a
world's eye view of the universal tendencies of the masses. Then, through accurate consensus,
by popular vote, the highly valued ideals will rise to the top of the list, and the less valued ideals
will remain at the bottom. Out of information anarchy will arise an order. This order is born of an
innate utility to work toward civility in the interest of survival. The Internet provides the perfect
opportunity to compile a wide reaching database, and let the universal tendencies come to the
surface in their own potentiality.

The Website

The website we are developing will attempt to draw people of different ideals together in a
cooperative collective. We will present a mechanism that works in levels, and is ever changing
within those levels to meet the popular desire of the people. The people themselves will submit
the ideals to evaluate, and the people themselves will vote to accept, or reject the ideals.
The most popular ideals will rise to the top, while other ideals will remain searchable. As times
and people change, their votes will change, and the ideology will grow to reflect their desires.
In the past, the people did not have the technology to put together a purely mathematical
unbiased mechanism. When people can see the difference they make, in a completely transparent
system, their confidence in the system is confidence in themselves. It will take years to
develop this idea, but we will take the small steps now that will allow us to open the gates,
and walk into a different world of new ideas.

Understanding the Mechanism

Imagine having a voice in the control, and order, of the life in which you live. This voice does not
guarantee that you will be able to change things exactly the way you want, but it will give you a
traceable voice that you can see in a mathematical difference. If you support an ideal in your profile,
and during some studies, you decide that you no longer support that ideal, you can simply go to your
profile and change your mind. The statistical calculations of the popularity of that ideal will change
instantly, and the articulation of your electronic stand will be known instantly. When searching the
database for statistical information on certain ideals, we can see if support is waxing or waning, according
to popular consensus.

In a member profile there will be many functions available for participation. Every ideal that has been
passed will have an option to support, or undermine. The participant will make their voice heard on every
issue they care to participate in. They may also submit their own ideas for popular ideals. The success of
their contributions will depend on the popularity of the idea, and also the credibility of the submitting party.
One goal of this structure is to create a competing environment for ideology, and lifestyle. If we create a
structure, where thinking individuals can submit their ideas and become popular with the participating
people, then those ideas will become highlighted, and the people that learn from them will become
better people.This mechanism will allow people to compete, in a way that allows them to grow to be
great, and good individuals and harnesses the power of competition to refine virtue.

Using Popularity to Drive Creativity

When we think about the noblest points of what makes democracy great, we start to understand
how we can make it better. What makes democracy great is the feeling that every person
can make a difference. The problem is, that difference is only as effective as the person can trace
the difference that they made. If they cannot see the difference they have contributed, they become
apathetic, and it is simple mathematics from this point on.Unless you are unusually driven, then
you will be as apathetic as the system you participate in is opaque. We must preserve transparency,
and in turn preserve the confidence of the people in themselves. That is why we devised the simple
mathematical mechanism, which uses popularity to drive noble ideas to the top,
where they belong, through popular consensus. Essentially, if we can make people who hold
productive beliefs and values into "rock stars" in a sense, then we can use the energy of competition
to refine popular universal values into, what would amount to an electronic mono-mechanistic
anthropological moral value collective. It works so eloquently because as time changes, the database
will change with the lives of the masses. It will speak directly to values being followed by the virtuous
of the day, while giving the people confidence that they can participate in the formation of
the ideals of their day, while they are living their day.


There are many moderate people who just want to live content and satisfactory lives, in utilitarian ideals,
hoping that others may live their lives out in content and satisfactory ways also. It is in the people's best
interest to mobilize globally under ideals they support directly in majority.

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