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On Universal Humanism

It is so intellectually important that men become conscious of their most basic objective being. It is what you are, beyond whatever choices you are able to find for yourself, yet it is the last frontier found after searching through a sea of trivialities, if it is found at all. I would never say it is easy, or obvious. Never trust anyone who is so heavy handed about their own viewpoint. Nevertheless, when you seek it out, and you have put in your time and duty to understand, it is waiting to give you ground. This ground is observable in the continuity between all men, and animals alike. We as men have a hard enough time seeing our own likeness in other men, so we do not dare talk about our relation to animals at this point. This sameness that is given all men, beyond choice is what I refer to as Universal Humanism. Before I talk about Universal Humanism, I want to point out an important point about the naming of such a concept. I have given the concept this name, because I am throwing a bone to the ravenous dogs of fame and attention. If you do not give a meaty object to that vicious animal of historical remembering, then your cause, though understood, is sure to be forgotten. I will throw this bone of "Universal Humanism" to this beast, but I would like it known that the truth of what Universal Humanism is cannot be stuffed into a convenient container for comfortable regulated consumption. It is loaded with duties, drives, voids, and surpluses. Some situations demand attention now, some later, some need planning and others spontaneity. To call this likeness beyond choice "Universal Humanism" is tantamount to imagining that it is possible to take an entire universe, stuff it into an inkwell, and put it into your shirt pocket for comfortable consumption on your terms. Do not do this! Do not delude yourself into believing you are so smart! You are not! The true Universal Humanism resists the name "Universal Humanism". So, ye Universal Humanists, remember, you are just being. You are just being human. You are just a human being. You are just a human being, like the other human beings. You are just a human being, like the other human beings, so your first reaction is to lend a hand. Lend a hand to the other, affirming yourself in universality. Lend a hand to the other, with no thought of return, and lend a hand to yourself in universality. Why should you be a Universal Humanist? Is there a moral ground for this viewpoint? How does Universal Humanism fit in the context of what is happening today? Let us throw some light on this, while leaving space to live........

To be a Universal Humanist is the most high calling a human being can tend to. When one looks at the core of life, it can be reduced to simplicity to clarify frictionless complexities. There is a few ways to be. One can be: for themselves, for the other; for themselves, for themselves; for the other, for themselves; for the other, for the other:

For themselves, for the other: I consider myself in this category. I am an artist, but I feel like I want to do something for the people. But this thing I am doing, involves sharing who I am with them. I am doing something for myself, for them. I also think doctors, nurses, writers, scientists, teachers fall in this category.

For themselves, for themselves: This is that most egoistic position. This is the position of the most unethical free market capitalists. No matter how much you take for yourself, there is no guilt involved. This category holds thieves, tyrants, and those with no ethical or moral conscious. Power and control is all that matters.

For the other, for themselves: This is the category I would put religious people in. After they make a decision to live their life a certain way, then the thought of the other becomes a supporting ideal. In the end, it is only supporting their stand with themselves. In this category I would put other people trying to atone for past mistakes, or movie stars who feel guilty about massing fortunes and want to give back, or criminals who do charity work.

For the other, For the other: This category is very much like a particular universal. This represents the impossible position that is unattainable, because you can never actually be the other, so you can never really be the other for the other. The type of people I would put in this category are people who purposely change the way they live, into the life of another they are studying just to see the reality of it, and they do it for the benefit of the one they study. They do it to understand them better, to tell their story, or to live along side them in a sensitive way.

As I said before, life cannot so easily be put into an inkwell. When thinking about different concepts, and ebbs and flows in your life you will find that you take all these different positions at one time or another, for one situation or another. We cannot deny, though that some people color their lives with psychological billboards that are showing in the background of everything they do and say. These separations can help you understand the motivations of different people. I see the Universal Humanist as being For themselves, for the Other because the Universal Humanist is conscious of the idea that the other contains part of themselves. Therefore, they are conscious of negating the other for themselves, because they understand to do that is to negate themselves, therefore they will change their own thinking in situations in evaluation of the other, if they understand that a universal negation would end up turning back on them. Now if the other is driven by their own particular purposes, the Universal Humanist does not need to negate them. Instead, the opposite is true. The Universal Humanist should avoid trying to change their mind, as conspicuous force usually forces irrational people further into untenable positions. The Universal Humanist should be very clear that they are not going to try to change minds. Let the particularly driven person go on, but let them know they have to find it for themselves. Believe it or not, this is a catastrophic blow to a particular rival who is expecting a fight. When they are expecting that fight, hand them a void, and they will not know what to do with it, and in fact might not be able to avoid being sucked in by curiosity. Then, when questioned properly, answer generally and encourage study. Whoever the person is, they are already human beyond choice, you just have to set them on the road to understanding that most basic core. So, to directly answer the thesis questions, we should aspire to be Universal Humanists because it is there in the core of what you are. You are not aspiring to be something, like an idol or object. You are understanding yourself, as an object. When you are dead, that body that is left is you as the object. While you are alive and animated, that object is very much what you are. That object drives what is absolutely necessary for you to do, and that which is not necessary, becomes "everything else". And every human (and life form) shares this with you.

Is there moral ground for Universal Humanism? There is not only moral ground, but it is the moral ground. This is the starting place for the understanding of justice. We can have no just ground without the understanding of Universal Humanism. If we can make no like comparisons between humans, and we think every being a completely different entity, then we are a spiritless being in a constant state of war, brought together feebly by shaky social contracts given artificial significance to keep those in power, who, by chance and contingent determinism happen to be at the right place, at the right time. Fortunately, that which is truly beautiful has been given to all men beyond choice, and it is that fundamental repetition that is the paramount realization. There is a real live objective spirit, which can be seen by those who look for it, in the like characteristics carried by all men. This spirit ties us together in a universally objective way that laughs at the tawdry smallness of the social contracts drawn up by feeble and insecure men. This goes for religious contracts too! Don't you dare for a second think your belief can ever compare to what is beyond choice!

Universal Humanism is very important in the time in which we are living, more importantly the time in which I am living because it is conspicuously absent. Also, men in the past have exhibited the best of its characteristics, but it is time that we brought this fundamental ideal to the conscious of the common man. It is easy to understand, tempering, and enlightening, and benefits all men. If we could create fundamentalist Universal Humanists, being that it is essentially opposed to unnecessary divisiveness, I think we will have taken a huge leap forward to reaching a collective ataraxia. This is growth that will happen, unless diverted by catastrophe, and I intend to spend the rest of my sickly years chipping away at this piece of marble to present to you beautiful universal essences this clarion call.

Walk with me, and walk with yourself. In calling to you, I am looking to be united with me. If you ever meet me, ask me about the comfort I feel in knowing that after I am dead, the majority of what I am physically, will live on in you. As long as men live, I live. Would you like a cynical voice? It is said that the difference between the common man and a chimpanzee is less than the difference between the great philosopher and the common man. I cannot deny that some are better than others. I am not a relativist in any sense that I can see some kind of noticeable repetition, but all healthy men have potential to be great men, and as Universal Humanists, after first realizing the rights to basic necessities for all, then we can turn to providing adequate education for all, by allowing them choice, and providing material for them to grow in the ways the want. Education can drive you into particularity, and away from universality, but it does not have to be that way, and you can understand a very utilitarian universality if you here the call of the frictionless essence lying in wait.

Make them curious..........


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