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Militant Optimism is not a "Good" Idea

Seriously, I do not know how many times, and how many ways I will write and rewrite this essay to try to make the point clear. Somebody has to pay for you to be optimistic. People just do not understand the indirect consequences of their actions. As long as their optimism seems to keep them happy, that is as far as they see. They cannot understand when this optimism gathers in group-think to support the sacred gem, it demands indirectly a hardcore exclusion. It empathizes with that which there is not distance to cover to understand, and sympathizes only with that which contains the seed of possibly being empathized with. I would like to see these optimists on the streets of Ethiopia surrounded by thousands of starving people because their leader was very happy with his own life, or in Russia in the early 20th century when Nicholas the II had no clue about the urgency of the famine of his people, because he was optimistic, and obstinate, and was living in a happy little bubble until the very last second when he was forced to abdicate, or be killed. This stubbornness, and failure to understand stems from a failure to look. It comes from a failure to study. Does anyone think Marcus Aurelius suffered these same delusions? Absolutely not. He was tuned in to the reality on the ground, but understood temperance based in reality. Though he used exegesis to be one step ahead as a leader, he was also pragmatic when the facts were available. In this day and age, concern and prudence are the proper attitudes to be led by.

I completely agree that one must allow oneself the right to be selfish sometimes. I agree one should be allowed their own private property, and actually, I think men should have their own land, tax-free. There are many selfish endeavors I do support, but each one of those endeavors has to be studied carefully, and consequentially as they are taken on. One has to study the effects of the choices that are made, far down the line to see what the reality is of the choices made. Militant optimists do not care about this. Somehow they believe they have found something for nothing. They believe ridiculous ideas like, " You can do whatever you want, if you put your mind to it!". Nothing could make me more sick than this masturbation. In America 1% of the people control 96% of the resources. The other 99% of the people have to fight over 4%. The reality is, that you have a 1 in 3 million chance of being wealthy. If you live in a country like Ethiopia then your chances are next to zero. Yes, it is true that not all people are in search of wealth. Actually I am included in that group, but, those of us who have just enough to survive while we pursue other meritous pursuits are put under more and more stress because of those who, at the top, like Nicholas the II are very 'happy', and 'optimistic' about their own lives. They are not willing to disturb their sacred gem for their brothers and sisters who day by day are attending to the social ills of the society in which we live. Militant optimism is unforgivable in this day and age, and I will not cease these polemics, because, as long as I live, the reality of the situation on this planet will not allow me to. I will allow this optimistic remark, since it is based on reality; we are moving toward a more unified world where that optimism people try to fake will eventually be true and real. That is when I will be happy, when I do not have to try to be. I will just be.


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