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I Dropped the Religious God By Choice

I want to make this clear, because religious people, for their own convenience leave a significant amount of details missing from the story of life. Here is a perfect example:
It is well known among some people in my life that I am a militant atheist. I am an atheist, in that I stand against theism. Whatever theism exposits itself to be now, what ever it use to exposit itself as in the past, and whatever it exposits itself as in the future, I stand against it. That does not mean I do not think there is an a priori essence. It just means I am an anti-theist, or atheist. So, any religious person who knows I am atheistic, and I have many ailments, immediately tells themselves my ailments are because I am a "non-believer". Being uncritical, they do not stop to think that there is plenty of pious people who die of cancer, or heart failure, or suffer daily from joint pain. They also never stop to think that there are plenty of old and healthy murderers, or old healthy atheists or Satanists. They opportunistically put things together that will bring them bliss in the moment.

I am pointing this out for a reason. Religious people cannot believe that someone would feel that wonderful feeling that is brought to you by "God" and turn away from it. They cannot deal with the idea that someone could have truly lived that feeling and comfort of warm presence, but still turn away. They always say, "Oh, he is backslidden.", or ridiculous things like, "The pleasures of the flesh have gotten hold of him." You are ridiculous! I was a Christian for many of my childhood years! I read the entire King James Bible, Old Testament and New Testament six times! I studied slowly, went to church, played Christian speed metal! I did it! I knew it! I was it! And I remember now the feeling of warmth. More than likely no religious people will be reading this, but to all of you who do not think that your way is the only way, I turned against this life with full knowledge, and to this day I am proud that I sacrificed it!

Those of us who have been religious, and turned away should make ourselves known. If you did "backslide", then maybe the Christians, Muslims or the Jews do have a case against you. I am talking about those of us who know full well what selfish pleasures we are missing, and we turn away from it because of the consequences for other people NOT within our group. I am proud that I dropped Christianity like a rock, and I am proud to write fiery polemics against it. Not because I am possessed by the devil, or I never really was a Christian. I was! First and foremost Christianity does not provide you true reassurance! I have never been a Muslim, or a Jew so I do not know about reassurance in those lifestyles. Most of all, I dropped it like a very bad habit because first and foremost it promotes division. Its communion ideas are clearly subordinated to its divisive ideas. If you are willing to split up your family (while saying you have family values!), then any ideas of communion in your doctrine are just lip service, and giving to those you expect, or even trust to help you at a later date. Agenda does not do so well for giving with no thought of return.

So, in the end, I want to make it clear Christians and Christianity failed me. I did not fail it. Christianity may have helped the barbarians build their society up in Byzantium when anything is a step up from chaos, but now, even the common atheist has more sense and broad reaching decency than these people. They use to be the stepping stone to civilization, now they are a stumbling stone for it. Their failure is their canonization. Life changes by its very nature. If you look really close, you will see that amidst this change, it is not really the religious people making it better, but an unspoken good natured majority that caries the goodness of a reduction of absurdity a priori. Religion is just a sad failure to get a grasp on the complexities of life for those, no matter how old they get, remain children. We cannot allow them to create their own parents anymore. I am proud to have dropped that feeling of presence and warmth in the realization that other people have to pay for my selfishness. I am proud to have dropped that feeling of presence and warmth to understand the true breadth of actually limiting human suffering in reality, not just praying for it. Again, the a priori essence that resides in the nebulous depths of our intellect is not to blame, but men and their arrogance in thinking they could be successful in building a canonical cage to contain life, when all they are successful in doing is growing intellectual tumors in the minds of the masses.


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