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Freedom, Education and Discipline

The universal calling to limit human suffering in that fundamental authentic and sincere human empathy is there in the basics of the system, but if the goal is to limit human suffering in a Utilitarian Consequencialism, then we have to not only look at other options to limit suffering, but we have to embrace them and move forward with their consequences without falling into an infinite debate. Our collective lives depend on it. Now, I live in America, and it is obvious that America is in a fatal decline and despite of what we all believed about it in its ascendancy, it will follow the common path of past civilizations, ebb, disintegrate and become something else. The sad thing is, America never had the chance to live up to its potential of what it stood for, and that failure is a failure for the world. America was destined to be a place that people of all races, creeds, religions, and backgrounds could come, moderate their positions and live together peacefully. The true and real America really was a beacon of hope that if it could be done here, it could be done in the rest of the world. America failed to become what it was destined to be because of people who wanted to claim it as their own, and superimpose their particular values on what was supposed to be a democratic, objectively unbiased system of law. Anti-intellectualism, as so many times in the past, stood by the sidelines and heckled progress, all the while benefiting from its fruits. It claims, with nothing to offer but selfish egoism it has everything, while in reality having nothing real. Then those who are uneducated cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is contrived, and gravitate toward that with a wonderfully bright wrapping paper and bow, and they turn away from that which resembles a shovel and a hammer. Why should I work toward satisfaction, when I can ejaculate in idiocy? If you were educated, you would know the answer to that question. It takes more education to know, you are not educated enough. And if you are not educated at all, then, you are clueless about being clueless. So, as America dies, I am saddened at yet another historical failure, but I am convinced in mankind's unconscious diligence in the guise of benevolent character driven altruism, empathy, compassion, and truth that in the end he will coalesce in peace, and eliminate the idiotic state of war. I would just like to provide a critique of the problems I see here in America, without particularizing them to an end, because I would like these writings to be of more long term symbolic significance. Is democracy really the way? It seems like we can do better. Why are people so opposed to government regulations when they are clearly reasonable? I am convinced if the people were educated properly they would have the tools to figure things out rationally, but it is not available to them, therefore limiting the toolbox necessary for rationality among the voting populace. So, what about the drives necessary to live up to the greater causes?

After seeing democracy in action I can understand the real failures we deal with. While democracy works great to temper the change of power, so we do not have imperators killing each other two to three times a years to ascend to power, at the other side of the coin we cannot get necessary laws passed because of those who see themselves as never changing. These people of canonization all around the world are like dead tissue in a living body. They just stagnate, turn black and kill everything they touch. Life is a changing essence, in every sense, and that which is universal is given beyond choice, so even logically, there is no reason to believe that there is a necessity to make a choice. It has already been made for you, you are human. These static groups seed compromise with failure, as their fundamental values are to get what they want, and destroy all else, to the detriment of the majority. At this point, we would be better off setting up a contractual value system, getting rid of the Senate, and The House of Representatives and putting together a benevolent monarchy. If we could find ways to limit the monarch, then we would have the flexibility to react when necessary, and if the leader turned extreme, his oath to benevolence would criminalize him. Until education is able to moderate extremist tendencies, then we have this self-important sickness to deal with. The problem is, we cannot get education funded with the sickness, and we cannot get rid of the sickness without education. The only reason America has gotten as far as it has is because there were streaks of growth in philosophy, reason and science in the past in which we were able to build a peaceful society on. If it were not for these brief growth spurts, much of the world would look like Africa, with failed leadership after failed leadership. We have to moderate extremism in all forms, at the individual level, and group level and the only answer is free education that is not afraid to talk about all values and their supporting reason.

People are just unreasonable about government. When corporations gave up their desire to work with charters, telling the people what they would do for them, on top of just providing a product, corporations became the height of greed, only accountable to themselves and the law of which they either break outright, or are constantly finding ways to undermine. It is commonly believed by businessmen that there is no guiding principle, and if they can find loopholes in the law, or gaps for exploitation, then hey, that is good business. This will always be a problem, and since life is nebulous by its very nature, a free market can never work. Regulation is a necessity. This is also why no anarchy style system will work. There must be regulation, there must be government to create a productive status quo, and the people must be educated effectively to understand what the greater cause is, and what the government is calling on them to contribute to. I am convinced that we must not become oppressive though, because people will always desire to believe they are in control, and there will always be a minority looking to rebel just because they feel trapped. This is why the government must remain as a guiding force in the background, not overtly pulling the strings.

There is one final concept I would like to touch on, and that is personal discipline. I have been bombarded, here in America with the idea that: If it does not make money for you, than it is not worth doing. This really is the heart of everything terrible. For a long time in my life, being a polymath, I fought over whether to educate myself for money, or personal enrichment. For me those two goals did not magically emerge as one idea. The concepts I wanted to pursue: art; music; philosophy; writing; were pretty much shunned by the "practical" people I was surrounded by, both in family and in the world. And if you want to know the truth, I think they secretly respect me for the choices I have made, but because they are still living in a world of appearances they will not let others know about it. We as a people, an elevated people have let others know that the most valuable essence of life, knowledge is not going to make you money in and of itself. It is the ideas you gain from knowledge that can make you money. But, it is no good gaining just enough knowledge to come up with an idea, and then just throwing the true qualitative aspect of your collectivity by the wayside, to pursue and animalistic quantitative. You can do it, but it is a sad failure and as far as I am concerned the universe will look on you as just another breeder. Just another breeder animal that creates the possibility for success, but not success itself. It's like they say, you can never fail if you do not try. That is truth.

In the end, education will save us all. We have to be strong enough to learn about the details of ideas we do not agree with. Bertrand Russell says, "What is curious about this position is the belief that if impartial investigation were permitted it would lead men to the wrong conclusion, and that ignorance, therefore the only safeguard against error. This point of view is one which cannot be accepted by any man who wishes reason, rather than prejudice to govern human action.” Prejudice can never be allowed, because there is no right and true and good position, which cannot be backed by reason. I think I have shown that time and time again. All things are open to question, and obscure tangents with intent to overthrow Utilitarian Consequencialism are just desperate attempts of people who have no clue, to tear down others who do to feel more comfortable about their failure of dedication to understanding. Bring the reasons, when you are educated, humiliation of error goes away, because eradication of what was considered reasonable and was not is cleansed. To be caught in err, is to grow to be more wise, good, true and correct.


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