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Basic empathy, and humanism come of a very simple idea. We don't need years of book study to understand it. Pretend there's only two people on the planet earth, who live near each other. I know the other can kill me, and I can kill the other. The other also knows this. Now, we can live in fear of what the other MIGHT do, or we can live without fear, but just with the anxiety of the unknown, but it's just a basic fact of life, that if I communicate with the other, and we find common ground, there is comfort. I know, that since I just brought my neighbor some food the other day, and we sat and talked for two hours, all is good. Of course, there's always the possibility of an anamalous freak out, where my neighbor will become dangerous to me at random, but, ultimately, a friendly equilibreum is practical. It's a NECESSARY mutual agreement between two people who have the ability to annihilate eachother. I know this is bleak. People come together, because they want companionship. They need companionship, but to those who only see life as a quantitative, coincidental coexistence, even for them, the minimum survival practicality is communion.

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