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An encrypted future....

There will be a time when encryption will become full proof. At that time, the unraveling of the perfect system will take place. Cryptocurrencies will be efficient. The laws that govern us will be voted on by the individual, not by a representative. The education system will be directly linked to labor, and unions will be unnecessary, as the people, globally will be gathered into one voice, electronically, free to express their pleasures and displeasures. The people will submit their own solutions to issues. The integrity of the corporations in the market system will be regulated by charters, subject to threat, by the people. While corporations should compete and create, they will also be accountable to pay attention to the indirect effects of their production, and privatization of power. Also, as robotics build equity in society, a global universal income becomes a conspicuously obvious solution for a sustainable future, both for technological development, and global human necessity.

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