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Atheism, to the clueless Theist....

There's an accusation out there that Atheists are mean spirited people. It's not true. If you bring up the subject of God, yes, they are likely to have no consideration of your feelings on the matter. Often, this is taken as an inherent attribute of the "immoral atheist". In fact, Atheist tend to study A LOT about ethics because they feel responsible for their actions, and don't want to do the wrong thing to others. Religious people look for people to coincide with, indirectly. They pad themselves with people of their values, and pretend that they are good natured, but, how they think of others, or how they act around those who are different is the true measure of who they are. Atheists spend time to really evaluate these relationships. The hostility comes from thousands of years of illegitimate power, effecting the humans on this planet. We are aware of YOUR history, even though you don't seem to be. Don't blame us if that history is shit, and you chose not to notice.
I pulled the graphic below off a religious website. First, morality is partly objective. You can't even understand your reality, without objects, and their being, including yourself. You are a body. Your body is an object, with perceptions. Life is not generated BY your perceptions, which is how religious people always want to see it, for their opportunistic agenda. Your perceptions allow you to view patterns in nature, OUTSIDE yourself, BIGGER than yourself, billions of years OLDER than yourself. Your perception of these things, much larger and older than you is what is subjective. Don't be so ridiculous as to think that since YOU chose to pretend that these things change to the individual, that they actually do change. Your belligerance in seeking the idiots path to hedonism, and your crackhead like desire to preserve that at any cost is what drives you to the conclusion that YOU ARE SPECIAL, and THE UNIVERSE EXISTS FOR doesn't! That's how Atheists understand morality. Because we let life BE life. We don't tell it how to be for us.

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