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Atheism, to the clueless Theist....

There's an accusation out there that Atheists are mean spirited people. It's not true. If you bring up the subject of God, yes, they are likely to have no consideration of your feelings on the matter. Often, this is taken as an inherent attribute of the "immoral atheist". In fact, Atheist tend to study A LOT about ethics because they feel responsible for their actions, and don't want to do the wrong thing to others. Religious people look for people to coincide with, indirectly.

Belief is illegitimate.....

The workplace is the perfect microcosm of meritocracy. If someone is made a lead, but that person is not a hard worker, or effective, yet they are paid more because they are liked, personally, rather than functionally, that is entitlement. It follows that the people who are functionally good workers SHOULD not respect the lead in any real sense. What happens is, believers add their own belief driven paradigm where nothing real matters. All that matters is I sprinkle pixie dust on your shoulders, and I give you the authority to be the lead, even though you don't deserve it functionally.

A formulaic approach to humanism...

Here's my first attempt to finalize a formulaic representation of humanism, based on a Buddhist style seed that promotes individual growth, rather than caging a person in prohibition.

1. Follow these simple steps:
1. Provide for yourself.
2. Don't block another from providing for themselves.
3. Help the less fortunate.
4. Don't block another from helping the less fortunate.

2. The second step is: Understand, in the simplest sense of morality, and practicality inherent in life itself, it is to your benefit to get along with your neighbor.


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